About Us

Hello, my name is Donna and I thank you for choosing Don J Candles. As an essential healthcare worker during unprecedented times of the pandemic, I often sought refuge in lighting a candle to decompress after a very stressful day. Ultimately, the feeling candles give me is one I wanted everyone to experience. Unveiling a hidden passion for candle-making, this was the birth of Don J Candles.

Don J Candles is a Black woman owned, growing business located in Long Island, New York. Our main priority is to provide high quality products that elevate whatever room they are in.

At Don J Candles, we acknowledge one of the most important senses, smell and ensure that our customers can unwind to the many fragrances we have to offer. Whether you're taken into spring garden by our Honeysuckle Jasmine scent, or on a tropical escape courtesy of Strawberry Guava, it is a guaranteed trip with each candle.

Hand poured in small batches; each candle is formulated with love. Thank you for shopping with us.